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We bring together the best IT experts in energy and industry

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Industry 4.0 and IoT
Smart Energy
Intelligent transport
Robotization and automation

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We have experts and long-term experience in the following areas:

We bring customers a competitive advantage

"Among the first, we were able to seize the opportunity resulting from the liberalisation of the energy market. Our vision was to develop software technologies that will be usable for several industries. Today, ten of the 20 largest companies in the Slovak Republic are our customers. "

Miroslav Kunsch
Chairman of IPESOFT

Statements of practice

What the experts say about us:

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"I have known Ipesoft for over 20 years as a cutting-edge technology company linked to science and research. There are very competent analysts, mathematics and programmers working there to deal with incredibly complex optimization problems."

Prof. Ing. Ján Košturiak, PhD.

Founder of Fraunhofer IPA Slovakia
"Together with the current CEO of IPESOFT, we have been involved in various ways in expanding cooperation between practice and university. In this way, we expand the IT business environment and support innovative activities in the Žilina region."

Prof. Ing. Milan Dado, PhD.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, UNIZA
"As President of the Inovato Innovation Network, I would like to highlight the tremendous knowledge that IPESOFT has. We use them to find solutions to complex problems, but also in education of young people and cooperation with scientific and research organizations in Slovakia and abroad."

Prof. Ing. Ján Košturiak, PhD.

President of Inovato
"Cooperation with IPESOFT staff has always brought and brings new impetus to the improvement and focus of education on our study programmes."

Prof. Ing. Milan Dado, PhD.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, UNIZA

We will help you

We can use the acquired expertise to improve your processes:

We will help solve the most complex energy problems
Preparation of resource production operation
Find the optimal cost structure setting
Find problematic spots and bottlenecks in production
Go to a greener form of production
Plan and regulate real-time production more efficiently
Educate your IT staff
Obtain a certificate for providing support services (PsS)
Prepare documents for iso 50001 audit
Analyze and optimize your IT infrastructure

Our IT business is about 6 out of 10

If you had selected the 10 best IT energy experts in Slovakia in different sectors of the economy - 6 of them would certainly be in IPESOFT. Another 2 would probably also have grown up in IPESOFT.  

Florian Kevický

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The quality and scope of services provided are key for us.

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