Our intelligent manufacturing solutions will create a clear and functional information world for you, so that you can produce on time, with quality, with optimal costs and maximum profit.

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Unify data into clear KPIs
Plan production more efficiently
Make more informed management decisions
Have a detailed overview and the entire production in the form of clear KPIs
Reduce poor quality and losses
Manage real-time production
Monitor economic efficiency in real-time
Evaluate the technical side of production in real-time
Make work easier for employees
Optimize costs

Use the data at 100%

"With our solutions, you can collect data from a wide range of devices from different manufacturers with different communication protocols and process them mathematically in real time."

Martin Habarda
Account Manager

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"There are types of projects for which it is not possible to clearly quantify their contribution in advance, but it is certain that it will be and will be invaluable. The successful implementation of MES in a manufacturing plant is one of them. "

Ing. Andrej Kalinay

Board member, Johns Manville
"Digitization is a journey that has a beginning but not an end. It doesn't matter with whom do you take this trip, because returning to the start would mean a loss of money, time and, most importantly, the trust of users. In cooperation with IPESOFT, we appreciate the fact that it has an experienced team of implementers and its own product, which is comparable in quality to advanced foreign competition. Last but not least, it is important for us that it is a Slovak company and together we can contribute to the development of innovative solutions in the Slovak industry.”

František Kall

IT Director of Chemosvit Group of Companies

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Martin Habarda
Account Manager
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