Real-time software technology – an open platform for robust critical systems with high computing complexity

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Software technologies form the basis for IT solutions in energy, industry and transport. You can build your own system for end customers on it. Implementation of D2000 will simplify application development and bring a number of supported features.

Connect devices and systems of different manufacturers to a unified solution
Communicate with a wide range of PLCs, DCS and RTU
Apply the latest trends in IIoT to your software
Use a comprehensive data platform with wide mathematical optimization options
Offer your customers a reliable and uninterrupted system
Edit system online

Make the system easier to develop

" D2000 is the platform on which our OEM partners create their own systems. Platform features and a number of supported protocols allow you to easily and quickly develop a system for a heterogeneous environment with devices from different manufacturers."

Rasťo Gaňa
Director of SD-ITS Section

Platform Properties

The complexity and long-term development of the platform make it possible to create large-scale Windows and Linux systems, as well as small RPI applications.

Latest version of the D2000 software technology
We are constantly working to innovate the platform and expand its communication and security capabilities.

Statements of practice

What our customers say about D2000

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"Imagine you have about 250 PLC processors in operation, of which there are 65 types from 18 manufacturers. You have approximately 200 production positions where one production position has an average of 30 parameters. You solve the production transition on a daily basis in almost 20 production positions. You enter all parameters manually through different terminals and usually into multiple PLC systems. It is difficult to eliminate the error rate and maintain consistency of the specified parameters, all in today's fluctuation of the skilled workforce. It's an almost impossible thing these days.'

František Režný

Technology Process Management Engineer, Johns Manville
"The possibility of assessing and replacing older PLC control systems and visualizations is being prepared for new solutions that could already be directly implemented by suppliers in the D2000 environment, without the need for other third-party systems."

Ing. Martin Pitoňák PhD.

Technology development specialist, Chemosvit a.s.
"Due to its robustness, D2000 was destined for this task. Thanks to its robust real-time archive, it offers a wide range of communication support to lower levels of management (PLC, DCS) as well as higher levels of management (ERP). It is characterized by connectivity and support of relational databases and unparalleled advantage of online configuration of dynamic data model. The strongest advantage was shown by ipesoft's real flexible support in creating applications, as the supplier is also the creator of the software tool."

František Režný

Technology Process Management Engineer, Johns Manville

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We confirm that our PLATINUM partners are authorized to sell, service and also configure products based on the IPESOFT D2000® Enterprise Production Systems base technology. This means that they can enter, change or otherwise interfere with the software.

GOLD partners are certified to sell, support and service IPESOFT D2000® products.

Our SILVER partners focus on the sale of IPESOFT D2000® products with our authorization.

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