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How to properly use flexibility to manage your portfolio?

IPESOFT at the eFOCUS Panel Discussion May 2021

On Wednesday, 12.5.2021, a panel discussion of experts entitled "Aggregated flexibility – changing the paradigm of the electricity market" took place. The aim of the panel discussion was to discuss how we are prepared in Slovak conditions for changes associated with aggregation of small and distributed resources enabling flexibility to be applied in the short-term market.
Energy experts were invited to the panel discussion. Among them was Tomáš Rajčan from us from IPESOFT. See his post.

Aggregated flexibility as part of portfolio management

IPESOFT at the eFOCUS Panel Discussion November 2021

Contribution to the eFOCUS Expert Conference of 24.11.2021. IPESOFT also participated in the panel discussion and presentation.
They are aggregation and flexibility by evolution or revolution in energy in Slovakia. Tomáš Rajčan approaches the changes in portfolio management that these trends will bring.


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