Unique solutions for maximizing energy efficiency. From electricity to heat, gas or water - every energy is precious to us, so we help large and small energy companies to produce and distribute it perfectly and without losses and with the greatest possible profit.

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We bring expertise and modern technology to every aspect of working with energy.

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Do you need to reduce energy costs? Improve your carbon footprint? Facilitate work for employees and management? We can help you with all this.

Automate business process
Optimize resource portfolio
Provide regulatory and support services
Regulate your balance group
Increase energy efficiency
Reduce emissions
Identify key losses
Reduce energy production and distribution costs
Automate energy billing
Automate mandatory reporting

The right information at the right time

"Our energy management systems save money, ensure reliability and guarantee the safety of your operation. Thanks to immediate feedback, you have a constant overview of the efficiency of your processes. Our goal is maximum automation, which gives you more time for strategic decisions."

Tomáš Rajčan
Director of the Energy and Industry Division of IPESOFT.

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Flexible solutions are suitable for a wide range of companies in the energy market:

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"The solution allows EPS to be well prepared for the liberalisation and standardisation of processes in the Serbian energy market, while at the same time easily and quickly accessing several foreign markets."

David Žarkovič

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"Our dispatchers, change masters and managers manage the technology through a single central system. They rely on consistent information when deciding on business strategies and development change. And thanks to a clear interpretation of key indicators, their operational decision-making is also easier. "

Production Resources Manager at Martinská Teplárenská
"The creation of a new automated system for controlling locomotive traction in Kazakhstan will help reduce energy consumption in the transport process. According to JSC KTZh – Cargo, fuel consumption for the first half of 2015 was equal to 12,000 tons. Last year it was more than 16,000 tonnes."

Arslan Dzumashev

JSC KTZh – Cargo

Comprehensive IPESOFT solutions

Software packages tailored to the most common requirements of energy companies:


IPESOFT comes to the market with an innovative product LOCOBOX® designed for propulsion railway vehicles (electric and diesel-electric locomotives).
Its task is to ensure the collection, aggregation and storage of operational telemetry data. The system monitors a number of operating states and parameters on the basis of which the operator can respond to the system's recommendations in order to ensure increased driving economy.
It evaluates the position of the vehicle, its speed, consumption and a number of other parameters in real time and compares them with the central energy management system.

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