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IPESOFT brings a product with new added value in the field of monitoring the operation of rail transport. At the moment, when control over consumed energy resources is crucial for the success of the business, IPESOFT is coming to the market with an innovative product LOCOBOX® designed for propulsion railway vehicles (electric and diesel-electric locomotives). Their role is to ensure the collection, aggregation and storage of operational telemetry data. The system monitors a number of operating states and parameters on the basis of which the operator can respond to the system's recommendations in order to ensure increased driving economy. The system evaluates the position of the vehicle, its speed, consumption and a number of other parameters in real time and compares them with the central energy management system. These features make LOCOBOX® a highly versatile component of the system for energy management in rail transport (REMS).  The advantage of LOCOBOX® is its versatility of use, modularity, flexibility and ease of integration with various systems and rolling stock.


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