ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 certification

On 31.03.2022, we successfully passed the recertification audit of our ISM IPESOFT (Integrated management system of the IPESOFT company: quality [ISO 9001] + information security [ISO 27001] + environment [ISO 14 001]) by the certification authority TÜV SÜD Slovakia.

Quality management, information security and environmental protection are among the key values of IPESOFT. We are glad that our effort to apply them to internal processes also convinced the certification authority.

The topics of information security and environmental protection are incredibly close to us and have become an essential part of IPESOFT's culture. They do not only affect the setting of internal processes but also the IT solutions for energy and industry. When creating IT solutions, together with our customers, we constantly try to keep their systems and data safe and at the same time help optimize their energy consumption so that they save not only the environment but also company costs.


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