D2000 InfoDay 2022 again in IPESOFT

On Tuesday 4.10.2022, the traditional workshop D2000 InfoDay took place.

We are very pleased that after last year's ONLINE year, we had the opportunity to welcome participants in person again at IPESOFT.

We are also very pleased with the record interest from the partners. Thanks to him, we were able to meet in historical numbers and discuss the latest news associated with the new version of the D2000 – v22. The participants of the workshop thus had an exclusive opportunity to get acquainted with all the new functionalities that distinguish v22 from v21.

The workshop was opened by rastislav gaňa, head of the SD-ITS division. In the introductory part, he welcomed the participants of the workshop and then sold the floor to Boris Čont, who provided a basic overview of the main topics of the D2000 v22. This was followed by a more detailed presentation of the most important changes. Individual members of the D2000 development team gradually introduced novelties in the field of:

  • communication and archiving,
  • Safety
  • integration to cloud infrastructure,
  • ESL editor,
  • predictions.

However, the introduction of the new version was not the only item on the agenda. InfoDay has traditionally given us the opportunity to discuss with the D2000 community, get feedback and work together to create a successful vision for the future. As a result, we can effectively innovate, adapt the D2000 to customer requirements and implement the latest industry trends.

We thank all the partners and D2000 enthusiasts for their participation, feedback and discussion to take the technology a little further again.


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