IPESOFT D2000 InfoDay 2021

On February 11, 2021, we organized a workshop for our partners called IPESOFT D2000 InfoDay 2021. Compared to previous years, the workshop was exceptional because it was held exclusively online. The unfavorable pandemic situation prevented the possibility of meeting in person, but it did not prevent us from presenting the new functionalities of the D2000 platform to our partners

 At the workshop, we presented the latest version of the D2000, labeled V21. Thanks to the careful planning and cooperation of the partners, InfoDay was successfully moved to the online environment and held in the form of a video conference. The event was attended by a record number of participants who took full advantage of the video conference and interactively communicated about the new functionalities of the D2000 platform. In order to streamline the workshop and better adapt it to the online environment, we decided to move detailed information about the individual new functionalities of the D2000 V21 into presentation videos. We will gradually publish videos that can be viewed at any time, played multiple times, and moved to individual passages on the D2000 website and on our social networks. These videos are supplemented with English subtitles so that they can convey valuable information to a wider range of customers and partners.


The past editions of IPESOFT D2000 InfoDay have always been an enjoyable experience, creating a space for interaction between the D2000 development team and our partners. In order to move similar conditions to the online space as well, we decided to implement the long-standing traditions from personal workshops into the online space as well. One of the nice little traditions we decided to implement was the possibility to participate in the competition and win interesting prizes. This year, 3 lucky workshop participants won 3 delicious prizes.


The workshop was opened by the head of the SD-ITS division, Rastislav Gaňa. In the introductory part, he welcomed the workshop participants and provided a basic overview of the main topics of the D2000 V21. He spoke about the benefits for customers and users that its new functionalities bring. At the same time, he explained the change in the marking of versions and therefore why the new version is marked V21 and not V13. The change in the update strategy also reflects changes in the strategy for releasing new D2000 versions and the support strategy. If you did not have the opportunity to participate in InfoDay 2021 and want to learn more about the benefits that V21 brings, follow the D2000 page and our social networks. In the near future, we will publish a detailed article on this topic.

The main part of the workshop was a detailed presentation and discussion of the new, key features and functions of the D2000 V21. An overview of the functionalities was presented by our head of D2000 development, Boris Čonto. The D2000 V21 brings a number of new innovations in design, security and user experience. The most significant new functionalities are:

  • Configuration and Version Control
  • Extended Security
  • License Management
  • Communication & Integration
  • User Interface & User Experience
  • D2000 Real Factory Design

The presentation of the new functionalities was the main source of interactive discussion between the D2000 development team and the workshop participants.

The presentation was divided into 2 main parts, which separated short contributions from people from business and marketing, Miroslav Rechtorík and Ľubor Čirský.

In the first business presentation, marketing activities aimed at providing informative content to our partners were presented. The content consists of tutorials, recommendations and many interesting industrial automation blogs  https://d2000.ipesoft.com/ along with our social media posts. If you have not yet visited the website and social networks and the given topic interests you, we definitely recommend them.


As already mentioned, in order to effectively use the online space to convey a large amount of information about the innovations in the D2000 V21, we decided to communicate the content in different forms. In addition to the workshop, videos and blogs, there will also be detailed workshops and training. The schedule of workshops was presented by Ľubor Čirský in his entry to InfoDay 2021. The information obtained through continuous education is an effective way to create and develop your applications. For us, activities in the form of workshops and training provide valuable feedback and also reveal space for further innovations. The topics and dates of individual workshops can be seen in the following picture.


Workshops as educational activities are intended for acquiring new, or deepening of already existing knowledge in the given area. They focus on practical exercises in terms of the published topic, usually in the range of 2-3 hours under the guidance of an experienced consultant or senior developer.


A detailed description of the content of individual workshops:

  • D2 Extended Security – in this workshop you will get an overview of the security standards available in the D2000. We will primarily focus on the new standards that are included in the V21 version. Learn about security, encryption and authentication options.
  • D2 Version Control System – the goal is to present all the possibilities and levels of auditing changes in the configuration changes of D2000 objects. Information on the integration of the D2000 into the Version Control System as well as installation and management options will be presented. Even in the case of redundant systems.
  • D2 SmartWeb – at the workshop, we will go through the development of a BASIC application step by step with an emphasis on new features that can be used when creating a D2000 WEB application. Although the description of the workshop talks about a BASIC application, this workshop will certainly bring a lot of interesting information to people who have already implemented applications using D2000 TCL and SmartWeb.
  • D2 Real Factory Design – learn more about the application built on a new concept based on device templates and device instances with binding to the component visualization model in the D2000 environment.

Subsequently, Ľubor Čirský also presented the training plan for the period 2021. Trainings are always full-day, or multi-day activities during this period moved to the online space. Within the topics, the scope is designed so that there is enough space for a detailed presentation of the described properties and functions, or for a discussion between the trainer and the training participants.

The dates and content of the trainings are as follows:


If you are interested in any of the workshops or training, please contact us by email at info@ipesoft.com.



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