IPESOFT is the main partner of eFocus conference - offer for customers

IPESOFT is the main partner of eFocus conference: Smart metering/smart grid: The time of millet based on secure data is coming, which will take place on 24.11.2021

Don't miss the free check-in option!

Today 10.11. is the last day for free Early bird registration for participants from the utility sector.

If you are unable to register or would like to attend the conference with us in person, we are bringing you an EXCLUSIVE offer as the main partner. We can provide a limited number of free entries to our CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS. In case of interest to us

contact the following e-mail address: info@ipesoft.com.

The future of energy in Slovakia is extremely important to us. That's why we constantly try to support professional discussions about the latest trends in the field. At the conference, you will learn more about the upcoming changes in energy legislation from the point of view of digitization and dynamization of the electricity market. Tomáš Rajčan will speak for IPESOFT at the conference and together with other experts will discuss the use of data in the changing energy ecosystem.

If you are interested in Slovak energy and its future, do not hesitate and register! We will be very happy to meet you at the conference and discuss how to prepare for the coming changes.


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