Introducing key features: Stable SCADA running 24/7/365 is a reality

Building a SCADA solution is not an easy task and we all know it. If you need a quality solution for critical systems, you need to build a good architecture and choose a very stable software platform. 


How is it possible to make the application run 24/7, 365 days a year? Is it possible for the application to run for more than 6 years?


Although it seems unbelievable, this possibility really exists. Our D2000 SCADA programming platform is one of the most stable, with applications running for more than 3 to 5 years. This means that the programs that are built in the D2000 have been running 24/7/365 for years without any failure. 



Screenshot from production SCADA application - redundancy uptime is 2857 days (which is 7 years and 10 months). This application has 131668 tags 57 connected client processes and currently processes over 600 processes per second - it is one of the larger applications.


What properties or functions do we need to implement to achieve this result? Behind everything, it is necessary to look for redundancy and its possibilities in the D2000 application server, which should be implemented in the most important parts of the developed solution. 


If you need critical applications where no error is allowed, application server redundancy is one of the most important things. This means that each application server must run on a separate computer, even in geographically remote locations, but it is important to have an alternative server replacement. 



Screenshot from D2000. Individual application servers have uptime of 702 days and 539 days.


Network redundancy is another option that allows data to be sent over a secondary link in the event that the primary link fails before data transmission is confirmed.


But what if we need to archive data in SCADA and MES applications? In many cases, really huge amounts of data are stored, which need to be archived and not lost. If we want to back up data, it is possible to duplicate archives or databases, thus preventing losses. This functionality is controlled by power distribution in the D2000. It is also possible to duplicate communication protocols or system processes, which helps ensure the continuous operation of the application.


We tried to build a redundant solution using Raspberry Pi which was successful. Two Raspberry Pis work together as two servers, and in case one of them has a problem, the other takes care of everything. 




Forget about nightmares about system crashes, loss of important data or a built-in solution. In the field of industrial automation, it is possible to have a backup for everything you need and it is possible to keep your critical applications running continuously.




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