Energy transformation and its financing options.

IPESOFT has been a proud partner of eFocus conferences for several years and welcomes the professional discussion they bring. On Wednesday, November 25, 2020, another year was held called Smart metering/smart grid: Transformation of energy. New challenges 2020+.

We perceive the discussion between organizations operating in the energy market as an important tool for a better understanding of the latest trends.

This year, EUM Division Director Tomáš Rajčan represented us again in a panel discussion of experts on the topic ofEnergy transformation and its possibilities of financing options. With the other panelists, they discussed the current challenges in the energy sector, which are digitization, decentralization and decarbonization. These topics are key for the transformation of the energy industry in the territory of Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic. The set of regulations and directives issued by the European Union called the "Winter energy package" or "Clean energy for all Europeans" brings a number of changes that must be transferred to the energy market in both countries. The inclusion of renewable sources of electrical energy in the energy structure brings with it not only a number of new opportunities, but also related questions.

We constantly follow the latest trends in the energy market and based on them we bring you the latest innovations. We actively apply changes in the market to our projects as well. Due to the fact that we create information systems, the digitalization of energy has a very strong influence on us. Tomáš Rajčan presented a paper on the Digitization of electricity market participants focused on legislative changes and their impact on the coordination of market flexibility.

The presentation, together with a record of the entire panel discussion, is available here.  

If you are interested in current trends in the field of energy, we certainly recommend you to view the panel discussion record together with the individual presentations.

The program of the whole conference, together with the records of individual blocks, is available forfree here.


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