Thanks to our partnership with the SHMÚ, we are able to make constant progress 

Emission-free production of electricity from renewable sources is dependent on weather developments, just like a large part of electricity consumption. If we want to manage and optimize the use of electricity, we must predict the weather as accurately as possible.


Our company has been working on advanced energy projects for more than 25 years. Many of them are focused on planning, optimization and management of electricity consumption/production. We share responsibility for quality and reliable solutions together with partners and companies that help us with weather forecasting. One of our most important partners is the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, which is currently celebrating its 65th anniversary.





Thanks to measured data and outputs from prediction models provided by SHMÚ, we manage to create complex solutions for the forecast of energy production and consumption with an emphasis on renewable energy sources. We simplify and automate processes that help to save energy not only in Slovakia but are also able to establish themselves in the global space. Together with SHMÚ, we create models and solutions based on the most accurate forecasts of weather developments using real-time systems and artificial intelligence. Continuous improvement on both sides helps our partnership grow.


We wish SHMÚ many more successful years and believe that our cooperation will continue to be beneficial!


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