eFocus conference: new energy, new models for energy cost optimization

Last week, IPESOFT was one of the main partners of the eFOCUS conference "New Energy, New Models for Energy Cost Optimization".

Our company was represented by Rastislav Gaňa, who in his presentation input addressed the involvement of flexibility resources in the organized market within the "Energy Data Centre" system operated by OKTE under the name "EDC":

- Principles of aggregation

- Aggregation flexibility, Aggregation block

- Calculation methods "Baseline"

In addition to the presentations, we believe that the panel discussion that followed was beneficial information for the participants of this hybrid conference. Such a space is always valuable for energy professionals and managers in managing processes in their parent companies.

eFocus Conference and IPESOFT
IPESOFT at the eFocus energy conference
IPESOFT in a panel discussion at the New Energy Conference
eFocus panel discussion - IPESOFT at the energy conference


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